Pregnancy #2: Week TWENTY!

Today we are officially 20 weeks pregnant! I still cannot believe we’ve made it this far considering the journey it took to get here! It’s also Easter, which is also such an incredible milestone, because without Jesus, life would be so less amazing!

I still remember the exact moment we found out that we were pregnant back in January. We were shocked, and we certainly weren’t expecting this miracle to take place. After all that we had been through we had stopped treatment and had discussed the possibility that Braxton might be our only child. But then God happened. He heard our cries and our prayers, and He blessed us with our second miracle. There are no words that adequately describe how blessed Jason and I feel.

So far the pregnancy has gone relatively well. Besides the subchorionic hematoma, back at 11 weeks which landed us in the ER full of worry, all has been smooth. I have an increasingly visible bump, and I feel the baby moving all the time. This baby is so much like Braxton already because he was also super active throughout pregnancy.

Tomorrow, at 1pm, we find out if baby #2 is a boy or girl. People ask us every day what our preference is, but we honestly do not have one. We tried getting pregnant for so long, we spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and experienced a miscarriage, so we just want a healthy baby! We will be announcing the gender Monday night, so make sure to check back in the evening to see what we’re having!

Thanks for all of the continued prayers and well wishes. We are so blessed, and we are beyond excited to welcome another child into our family!

Do you think baby # 2 is a BOY or a GIRL?






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