7 Days Post FET

It’s been ONE week since our Frozen Embryo Transfer. One week since 3 beautiful embryos were transferred with hopes of one or all of them staying for the long haul of 9 months.

It’s been one heck of a week and so much has been going on which has helped-to an extent- to keep my mind off of wanting to google every symptom I’m experiencing. I have continue to connect with others who are struggling with infertility, and I have found comfort knowing that my husband and I are not alone. We will never be along in this journey. Sadly, there are an incredibly large amount of people struggling with infertility. Some have struggled longer and much harder than us, while others are so new on their journey. I pray for all those on a similar journey that they experience a miracle, that they experience healing and stand in unwavering faith throughout their journey. I know, firsthand, that it’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Regardless of what the blood test reveals, this entire experience has been so incredibly humbling despite being so devastating.  Jason and I do not take our son for granted. He is surely our miracle. He is going through the terrible twos, so there is no question that frustration and raised voices go hand in hand with that at times, but even on the most trying of days, we are reminded and humbled that he is ours. We cannot imagine life without him. We’ve also started to accept that he might be out only child, which is why it’s even more important for us to be the best of parents that we can be for him.

As we continue to pray for a successful FET, we also thank GOD for all He has given us and will continue giving us in the future.

I ask those that have been following our to continue praying for us, and I will pray for you.




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