The Retrieval and Transfer

For the past two weeks, I’ve been giving myself 2-3 shots a day to help prepare my body for our IVF journey. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Last Wednesday, Jason and I drove up to Grand Rapids to undergo the retrieval. After 7 attempts to get an IV into my arm in order to administer pain killers, they finally got one in on the top of my hand. We were then taken back into the procedure room.

The actual retrieval was uncomfortable. The only things that eased the discomfort was knowing we were in good hands with Dr. Dodds talking to myself and Jason throughout the procedure and also the fact that Jason was there holding my hand.

Once the procedure was done, I was pretty out of it at that point. I don’t recall sitting in the recovery room, the drive back from GR or climbing into bed and sleeping for hours afterwards. I woke up for a while to eat a small dinner and again climbed back into bed.

The next day I felt a bit better. I was still a bit uncomfortable, but was able to go about my day pretty normally. The Fertility Center called me and told me that they had retrieved 20 follicles. 3 weren’t mature enough, but they were able to fertilize 17!

Friday, Jason and I had to be back in GR at 9am for our 9:30 transfer. My stomach was in knots (it still is). While we were getting “gowned up”, Jason and I said a prayer together praying for a smooth and successful procedure.


We both look exhausted, which is pretty fair considering the process we have gone through in hopes of another miracle.

Before going back into the procedure room, we had a little bit of fun with our hospital gowns and hair nets. I mean, why wouldn’t you lighten the mood a bit?

This time I was able to walk back to the procedure room since I was not required to be put on pain medications. Dr. Dodds spoke with us a bit about the process and shared with us the two embryos he’d be transferring back in. They were so beautiful.


The transfer took less than 20 minutes. There was less discomfort and the procedure was a bit more relaxed. Now, Jason and I have a waiting game. We are praying daily, and we ask that all of those who are following in our infertility journey also pray for us. The next few weeks of waiting will be agonizing, but we are confident those weeks will only end with another miracle or two.



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