The Impact of Infertility on a Relationship


Infertility can be a real test of a couple’s relationship, and it can shake the very foundation of marriage. It has the ability to turn even the most solid of relationships into a weak and troubled one.  A survey conducted by GfK Roper on behalf of Schering-Plough says that 71% of women said infertility makes them feel flawed, whereas; 50% of men said that infertility made them feel inadequate. Infertility also has a huge impact on a couple’s relationship and 53% of couples try and hide their true feelings from their partner.

For couples who have to unfortunately deal with infertility, it’s no doubt it’s an emotional roller coaster. As individuals who desire to start a family and then are told that it won’t come easy and that we will have infertility issues, it can change the entire dynamics  of a relationship. It impacts both the male and female differently, the interactions with those who have no issues conceiving change and virtually every relationship changes.

The stress of infertility can lead to isolation, anger, depression and envy. Most couples tend to hide their infertility issues from friends and family, so they rarely discuss it, therefore bottling up the stress that comes with it. Some couples will resort on telling their friends and family that they’re simply waiting to have children or that they don’t want children rather than share with them the struggles that they’re dealing with.

It is no doubt that most couples never imagined that they would experience infertility and many individuals also might have believed that they would have no issue getting pregnant when they wanted to get pregnant. For someone who has seen multiple family members have zero issues conceiving, I thought I would experience the same, but that was not destined to be.

Some couples blame each other for their unfortunate situation. Sometimes infertility may be caused by one person within a relationship, and the other partner who isn’t experiencing infertility issues may secretly resent them. They might not mean to, but the entire situation is so upsetting that their mind may have resorted to those thoughts once or twice. Some couples choose to let their unfortunate situation destroy their relationship, and it may cause the two individuals to part ways. Other couples may become closer and more united when going through a situation such as infertility. 

For a marriage to survive the crisis of infertility, couples must learn new coping mechanisms and must provide adequate support, encouragement and love throughout the process. Because most couples aren’t equipped to handle such situations as infertility with poise, it’s important that both individuals put towards effort to put positive energy towards the marriage even more so during this challenging time. 

If you are a couple who are are experiencing infertility, there are steps you can take to enhance your relationship to ensure that it thrives and continues to grow.  Here are eight suggestions on how to do so:

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